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Weight Loss

Common Questions

Rizz provides personalized weight loss plans tailored to your specific goals. Based on your medical history, your provider may recommend GLP-1 injections as part of your treatment.

Rizz provides access to compounded semaglutide (a custom-formulated GLP-1) and name-brand options such as Ozempic® and Wegovy®. These medications are administered through weekly injections, contingent on approval by a licensed healthcare provider.

Pricing for our compounded GLP-1 injections start at $395/month.

You will start by answering questions about your medical history and weight loss goals to create a personalized profile. A licensed provider will then review your information entirely online to assess if the treatment is suitable for you. If prescribed, you will receive a message from the provider detailing your personalized plan.

In collaboration with a licensed compounding pharmacy, Rizz provides medications tailored to meet our patients’ unique needs. Rizz offers compounded semaglutide, a GLP-1 injection with the same active ingredient as Wegovy® and Ozempic®.

Unlike brand-name weight loss injections, which usually come in preloaded injection pens, Rizz’s solution requires self-preparation. However, you need not worry; Rizz will guide you on how to administer your injection, and you’ll have access to unlimited messaging for support.

As a science-backed weight loss program developed by experts, your personalized treatment plan is designed to promote healthy, sustainable results.

Since each weight loss journey is unique, the timeline for results can vary from person to person.

Generally, it’s essential to:

– Take your medication as prescribed
– Support your progress with healthy nutrition
– Incorporate consistent, moderate exercise into your routine

A provider will review your health history, weight loss goals, as well as your BMI to see if you qualify for treatment.

Important safety information

What you should know before taking semaglutide.