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So You've Joined The Rizz Pharma Pharmacy Program...Now What?

Let's Get Started!

What Type Of Medication Is Your Prescription And How Do You Get It?


Acute Medications

(Immediate Need)

Have your digital membership card on hand either on your mobile device or as a printout and show it to your pharmacist.
Login to your Member Portal Account
for access to your digital card.

For Acute Medications (for illnesses or emergencies that you cannot wait 3-5 days for), MyFREEPharmacy has relationships with over 64,000 pharmacies nationwide that accept our Member Prescription Card.


Maintenance Medications

(Chronic Need)

Simply call our customer service team and we will get you in touch with one of are many highly educated and well-trained pharmacists. There we will get your prescription information and ship your medication(s) from our mail order pharmacy!

Maintenance medications for chronic conditions will be shipped to members in a 3 month (90 Day) supply. In many cases for less money than a 1 month (30 Day) supply at your traditional pharmacy.

New Member Checklist

Member Portal

You will have 24/7 access to a Member Portal that has your account details, digital membership ID card, drug formularies, privacy information, allergies, medical conditions, program documents and more!

Acute Medications

These are immediate need drugs for short term illnesses that you need a prescription for right away. Pick these medications up at your local pharmacy. Simply present your membership ID card and get access to over 125 medications at over 64,000 pharmacies nationwide for FREE!

Maintenance Medications

Maintenance drugs are medications prescribed for chronic, long-term conditions and are taken on a regular, recurring basis like hypertension, high cholesterol, depression, and acid reflux to name a few. We have over 480 drugs that fall into this category. Your doctor will need to send the 90-day prescription to our home delivery location. These drugs are shipped to your home for FREE.

We Offer The 800+ Most Prescribed Drugs In America For FREE!

Here Are Just A Few From Our List

Directions For Your Doctor

Your doctor can ePrescribe, fax, or call in your prescription directly to our home delivery facility. Our staff will receive the script and contact you to verify personal and payment information.

Diabetic Supplies & Insulin

Members with Diabetes will get a FREE starter kit which includes: a bi-lingual glucose meter, testing strips, lancing device, lancets and more. Our program was designed to be cost-effective and convenient bringing you some of the lowest prices available on testing supplies delivered to your home for free.

If you are using insulin, we offer vials of ReliOn™ Novolin 70/30, N and R for $19.88 per vial and pens per box for $37.88 through our exclusive partner Walmart, where your doctor can prescribe to and you can pick up at over 5200 locations.

Over-The-Counter Medications

Over-The-Counter medications do not require a prescription, and can be purchased for every day use. We offer the most used OTCs like Ibuprofen, Vitamin C, Calcium Acetaminophen, and others that your family uses daily at competitive prices. If ordered alone there is a $25 minimum purchase of OTCs to get FREE shipping.

Our Pharmacy Coaching Team

Our experienced team of Licensed Pharmacists provide the highest level of care when members need it most. We will transfer all of your prescriptions for you and we educate members on possible medication options and opportunities to save additional money. For brand name and specialty medication needs, we have a Patient Assistance Program (PAP) to make these more affordable as well. This is a need based program so you will need to qualify, but we will consult with you and your doctor to inform you of your options and help you make the best decision for your personal and financial health.

Members Can Get A 90-Day Prescription For Literally Zero Dollars, Shipped To Your Home For FREE!

Have Questions?

Our Customer Service Team is here to help any way they can from looking up medications to educating new customers.